Dove Feathered Raven is the lifestyle store of Sustainability advocate, Environmental Scientist and fashion blogger Katie Roberts. It evolved from a desire to keep her sustainability education platform Sustainability in Style free from advertising. By choosing to self fund through income sources like this Katie can use the platform she has worked hard to develop for her university studies without paid post bias. The proceeds of the sales of items available on Dove Feathered Raven enable Katie to  study her Masters in Environment majoring in sustainability, and continue her sustainability advocacy work through Sustainability in Style.
Dove Feathered Raven is committed to minimal environmental harm. Clothing items are sourced from charity stores and landfill markets where proceeds support a variety of charity work. Some items are sourced from local secondhand markets where profits go to stallholders (who are usually university students or retail store employees wishing to recoup losses from being forced to purchase store stock as 'uniforms').  All items are sourced with minimal environmental impact in mind. Katie walks, bikes, or catches public transport to most sourcing locations, occasionally driving to secondhand markets and a landfill store that do not have public transport options. Clothing items are washed before posting in eco-friendly detergent that is purchased at a bulk foods store by the refill, meaning minimal impact on waterways and no empty bottles for recycling or landfill. Clothing is dried (quite quickly) in the Sunshine Coast sun. No electric dryers here!
Printed items are printed with the most environmentally friendly methods available to Katie within her budget. Printed on recycled paper, Katie plans to move to soy inks and carbon neutral printing as soon as her income stream allows for it. Handmade items are exactly that. Hand made by Katie for you. Many of the components of handmade items are sourced secondhand. Handmade items are 100% infused with love. Items are posted with sustainability ethos and walked to the post office. As a minimal waste advocate Katie endeavours to send all items in recyclable or compostable paper packaging with biodegradable tape, however the people at the post office sometimes like to stick plastic tape over the packages, so apologies if this happens to your parcel. All additional packaging is made by Katie by hand, from recycled (sometimes home-made) paper to hand stamped logos. Katie aims for minimal waste living. In this endeavour she manages to keep her neighbours guessing by never rolling her landfill wheelie bin out to the curb! Composting, up cycling, recycling and avoidance are the ways that she avoids contributing to landfill.
The dream is to have the Sustainability in Style/ Dove Feathered Raven headquarters solar powered and the laundry running on tank water. There is also plans for a yoga studio so that Katie can share her passion for yoga in person (in the mean time stay tuned for possible yoga videos and posts on the blog) While this  dream has not yet been realised, it is coming soon. And every purchase here helps move us towards our sustainability goals.
Thank you for taking the time to shop mindfully and support sustainability education.