Sourcing and Pricing

Each item that you buy here at Dove Feathered Raven has been sourced with heart. Clothing items are sourced from charity stores and landfill markets where proceeds support a variety of charity work. Some items are sourced from local secondhand markets where profits go to stallholders (who are usually university students or retail store employees wishing to recoup losses from being forced to purchase store stock as ‘uniforms’). As someone who was trained 'from birth' to thrift Katie enjoys the art of the 'pick' thanks to years of training with a thrifty mother and Nan (op-shopping has always been a family affair).
The best part about shopping Dove Feathered Raven is that all the hard work has been done for you. As many people know, thrifting and second hand shopping can be pretty over whelming. Racks and racks of goodies can be hard to sort through, and many people just can't be bothered.  Thrifting also requires a bit of an optimistic eye. It can take a special perspective to look at something that might seem 'meh' on the rack and style it into something lust worthy. Which is why there has been time and effort put into the creation of a 'story' that goes with the items sold here on Dove Feathered Raven. It's one thing to buy something boho (secondhand or vintage) and it's another to know what to do with it.
Items are priced to be accessible but also to cover the costs, and the time and effort that goes into sourcing, styling, listing, and posting the goodies you see here. Sales support keeping Sustainability in Style, a sustainable fashion resource, free from advertising bias. Katie hope to bring you many years of sustainable fashion and living knowledge and your purchases help her to do so!
We all know that change comes through learning, so let's support sustainability education the stylish and non commercial way.
Thank you for taking the time to shop mindfully and support sustainability education.