Believers in the dreamers, the magic makers, and the gypsy soul shakers.
Dove Feathered Raven celebrates the bohemian lifestyle.
Connected with that freedom seeking spirit that dwells within all of us that only the brave dare set free.
Whether you embrace this way of living with open arms, or prefer to dip your toes in from time to time, Dove Feathered Raven aims to provide you with consciously selected and created items to aid you on your journey.   Stocking the very best handpicked vintage, and secondhand sourced items, and lovingly created designs, because we believe in fitting items with the right boho-soul.
We come from a place that values the individual and understand that style is something that cannot be bought. It comes from a much deeper place.
Our personal expression shouldn’t be dictated by trends, and it shouldn’t have to cost the Earth. Buying secondhand is one of the most sustainable ways that you can shop as it recycles unwanted items, diverts them from landfill, and reduces the need for virgin resources.
Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Dove Feathered Raven is lovingly run by Katie Roberts. A boho appreciating sustainability advocate. Purchases made at Dove Feathered Raven help keep Katie’s sustainability education platform
Sustainability in Style free from advertising bias.
Peace, Love and Wanderlust.